Sep 16, 2010

I'm loving Sweet Clementine Chamomile

This tea is seriously awesome. We've had it for several months; I'd thought it was okay, but it just didn't really stick. So this past week, I tried it again and I'm a little addicted. Problem is, I don't remember where I bought it. And supply is starting to run low. I suppose I could buy it online, but not quite as instantly gratifying as in-store and there are shipping costs.

Have you tried any amazing tea lately?


Miss Missy said...

Um, YES. I love tea! I hope that you are able to find that tea again - looks like a health-food type store might have it. If you can't find it, I'm sure I can find it at Greenlife here, and I'd be happy to buy a bunch of boxes and ship them to you:)
My newest tea is a Teavana blend of Haute Chocolate and My Morning Mate. It's wonderful stuff. But my All Time Favorite is Bigelow's Sweet Dreams:

Tanya said...

China Kitchen's sweet tea :-P